Nigel Farage resigns as UKIP leader

The Lincolnite

The Lincolnite

Nigel Farage's number one fan today wished him well as the Ukip leader quit frontline politics, saying: "I'm not in the least bit surprised".

Although he was not a member of the official leave campaign, the referendum decision to leave the European Union will go down as Mr Farage's greatest moment in politics. While we will now leave the European Union, the terms of our withdrawal are unclear.

Mr Farage said his "political ambition has been achieved" with the United Kingdom having voted to leave the EU.

He infamously announced he was standing down as leader after last year's general election, only to withdraw his resignation a few days later. "I won't be changing my mind again, I promise you".

Mr Farage says he won't be backing any particular candidate but is adamant the party will have a new leader by their conference in September.

George Freeman, Conservative MP for Mid-Norfolk, said the news was "good" and that it's a "small step on the road to making Britain a less divided intolerant + disillusioned country". "I did spend 20 years in business, I have spent quite a lot of time in Brussels, I might have something to give if they want to, if they don't that's fine", he said.

Speaking at a press conference in Westminster on Monday, he said: "During the referendum I said I wanted my country back ... now I want my life back".

The centre-left opposition Labour Party has been dealing with its own leadership crisis as the party's MPs moved a no-confidence motion against their own leader Jeremy Corbyn, who lost by a considerable 172-40 vote.

He also refused to say who he backed as the new Tory leader but argued that it must be one of the three - Andrea Leadsom, Michael Gove or Liam Fox - who backed Britain's exit from the EU.

In an interview with CNN following the June 23 "Brexit" vote, Farage said: "I was written off as being a lunatic, and politically the support for this was absolutely tiny". He then retained his leadership position after party members insisted. Boris Johnson, considered the favorite to replace outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron as Conservative Party leader, delivered a bombshell last week when he announced he didn't want the job.

Former Rochester and Strood MP Mark Reckless, who joined UKIP and triggered a by-election in 2015, paid tribute to Mr Farage, tweeting that he had achieved his main aim.

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