Nigel Farage's 'Frexit' leaves voters in disbelief

Mr Farage, 52, has had two stints as leader of the Eurosceptic party since 2006, and announced he was quitting the post after failing to win a Commons seat in the 2015 general election, only to change his mind days later.

What are you thoughts on Nigel Farage leaving UKIP not long after the EU Referedum vote?

"I have never been, and I have never wanted to be, a career politician".

The centre-left opposition Labour Party has been dealing with its own leadership crisis as the party's MPs moved a no-confidence motion against their own leader Jeremy Corbyn, who lost by a considerable 172-40 vote.

"Of course the head rat would leave the sinking ship", Waltz said when asked by Sky News about Farage's resignation.

In his resignation speech, he told the audience "I want my life back" and Church responded, "I want my f**king European Union back you piece of s**t!!!!!!" "I mean UKIP", one Malaysian tweeted in response. "I have never been, and I have never wanted to be, a career politician".

"Farage and his UKIP partly leave Malaysians in fits of laughter", Malaysia's Star Online said, as it carried the picture of Farage under the banner. He also said he would lend his support to European Union withdrawal movements in other countries, "because I'm certain of one thing, you haven't seen the last country that wants to leave the European Union".

Mr Farage says he intends to stay on as a member of the European Parliament as Britain triggers the process to exit the EU.

He says that this time it's for good, though. "Now I want my life back", he said on Monday.

Home Secretary Theresa May and Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom have launched their bids to replace David Cameron as prime minister and have emerged as favourites.

He said that he was not interested in running for the party leadership, adding: 'I think I can help ensure that Ukip veers away from the temptations of angry nativism. Cameron is insisting that the next prime minister will need to trigger Article 50, the specific European Union legislation that allows a departing member to begin formal exit negotiations that would be expected to last about two years.

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