Nintendo Stock Up 25% Thanks to Pokemon GO

Michael Loccisano  Getty Images

Michael Loccisano Getty Images

The game has been available in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand since Wednesday and will be rolled out soon to Europe, Japan and other regions.

People's Facebook feeds are cluttered with "news" about which Pokestop yielded the most Pokemon. The most easier way to install the game on your Android device is by manually installing the Pokemon GO APK.

Pokemon Go has already proved to be a very tidy earner for Nintendo.

Shares in Japanese gaming giant Nintendo increased by almost a quarter on Monday, spurred by the ever expanding Pokemon GO craze.

According to data published by SimilarWeb, Pokemon Go is set to surpass microblogging site Twitter Inc. They have gained 36 percent since Thursday's close with the initial momemtum coming from the game shooting to the top of free app rankings in Apple Inc's US iTunes store.The game has been released in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. The game taps into the smartphone's camera to reveal Pokemon turning up in the real world.

The Pokémon GO game has exploded since it launched in the past week or so.

But now it's time for the next BIG instalment of Pokemon: Pokemon Go, which is now available as a free download for iOS and Android. App users are encouraged to wander their own surroundings and unlock new Pokemon characters using location tracking on their smartphones.

To play, you fire up the game and then start trekking to prominent local landmarks - represented in the game as "Pokestops" - where you can gather supplies such as Pokeballs. AR, as its known, is different that virtual reality in which a completely computer-generated world is created.

As of Monday morning, the app, which is free to download but offers in-app purchases, was listed in Apple's App Store as the most popular free app, and the top grossing app.

"If you use this app (or other similar type apps) or have children that do we ask you to please use caution when alerting strangers of your future location", the post said.

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