Plan to revamp veterans care will save lives, money

Two of the men reportedly on the short list of potential running mates for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will be in Des Moines this weekend.

Republican Donald Trump presented himself as "the law-and-order candidate" with a compassionate heart on Monday, positioning himself as strong on security in response to a wave of anxiety among Americans after the Dallas police shootings.

Much of the debate about security in the presidential campaign has been about threats overseas. "I don't think Hillary Clinton is a risk taker in general, I think she tends to go with the relatively safe options", Jonathan Cristol of World Policy Institute said. "Hillary Clinton on the other hand is weak, ineffective, pandering, and, as proven by her recent email scandal - which was an embarrassment not only to her but to the entire nation as a whole - she's either a liar or grossly incompetent".

"Veterans should be guaranteed the right to choose their doctor and clinics, whether at a VA facility or at a private medical center", he is expected to say.

"The disconnect in America is deep". Of those, about 46 percent said they were registered as a Republican, about 18 percent said they are registered Democrats and a little more than 20 percent claimed to be Independents.

But he quickly noted that he is more inclined towards a political person. He suggested Obama has taken sides against police in the country's debate over race and police brutality. "But you can't have true compassion without providing safety to the citizens of our country", Trump said.

Our country needs and deserves Donald Trump as president. He's looking at another big mouth who's been out of politics for years: former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Republicans want a secure and heavily fortified border, a tough military, limited anti-poverty government programs, an education system that promotes conservative ideology, very little worldwide trade and a press corps that is a cheerleader for the tough, conservative government. "Someone respected by the establishment and liked by the establishment would be good for unification".

Burkman told the Herald he held a fundraiser at his home over the weekend, raising more than $500,000 to help boost the efforts of the Free the Delegates movement to convince them that, under party rules, they are free to vote their consciences. "But in the back of your mind you're wondering if they're thinking that 'You know, if Trump wins, I could get a job in the executive branch.' In [Miller's] case, VA Secretary would definitely be a possibility".

Clinton will campaign Tuesday in the state of New Hampshire with her opponent Bernie Sanders who is expected to finally give her his support, which he has declined to do so far in order to push for a progressive platform at the party's convention later this month.

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