Players Should Use Caution While Playing Popular 'Pokemon Go' App

There's only one goal for a true Pokemon master.

The app uses the phone camera to create augmented reality, showing the Pokemon in the real world so players can catch them.

Since launching last week, the internet has gone mad for the game which, through a smartphone app, allows players to capture, battle, train and trade virtual Pokemon who appear through the real world.

Some spots in Western New York provide better game play than others, Canalside is a popular spot, along with the zoo, and the art gallery. Someone determined to collect all the 151 Pokemon in the game could spend that much or more if they're not willing to walk or drive around town hunting for the beasts on their own. Some in-game items will cost you $10 or more, and the biggest cache of in-game coins you can buy costs $100 in actual real US dollars. "Let's go find it together, '" Ward said.

Players can drop "Poke Lures" to attract Pokemon to certain areas.

Chris West heard about the game when Nintendo first announced it a few months ago and immediately downloaded it when it was released July 6.

Despite the fun users on social media say they are having playing the app, police departments across the country are reminding players to stay safe and not make themselves a victim just to win a game.

"I started walking to work instead of driving", said Cameron Blandford. "I don't really know these people".

Tyler Ho, 14, and Ricky Khau, 15, say the game has gotten them out of the house.

The Facebook group Pokemon Go Mackay had more than 500 members at time of publication and gatherings have even been held over the weekend - a chance for members to meet face-to-face, catch new Pokemon and get out and about.

Lambie says they are concerned that some people are walking with their eyes focused on their phone.

Then, players don't pay attention to what's going on around them. "Be cautious and don't go out into the streets". "I've learned everywhere else (stinks) in this city", wrote Twitter user @Tjsalce, in a conversation Sunday night.

Pokemon Go is a new phone app that's getting a lot of people out and moving around.

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