Pokemon GO Could Be Next Big Marketing Tool For Retailers

Whether Pokemon Go represents a cultural and technical disruption or a fad remains to be determined, but this blogger believes it is absolutely a disruption if only because of the massive demonstration of how effective and consuming AR can be.

"Pokémon Go" is now available to download in the UK.

That followed the firm's announcement a year ago that it was teaming up with Japanese mobile specialist DeNA to develop games for smartphones based on its host of popular characters.

Trying to fool Pokemon Go into thinking you're somewhere you not (known as Global Positioning System spoofing) appears to get you banned from the game for around an hour - and the way the game does this is kind of brilliant.

It all has to do with game developer Niantic's first alternate reality game, Ingress, which launched in 2012.

Android users can still download the installation files unofficially from third-party websites and install the game on their phones, although cybersecurity experts warn that doing so from unauthorised websites runs the risk of exposing them to malware.

The updates also happen to coincide with Pokemon GO expanding into a new region: Germany.

Now, if you have a sizable data plan, Pokemon Go probably won't make a dent, but if your plan is somewhat limited, you might want to keep track of the amount of data the game is using.

The free app was adapted to the mobile internet age by US-based Niantic Labs, a company spun out of Google past year.

"There was also lots of hype and excitement from my friends in the USA who were showing me screenshots of the Pokemon they had caught", said the engineering student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Right now, most PokéStops and gyms are at neutral locations like statues, parks, and local landmarks. Then there are the official commercial spin-offs: Pokemon stores have opened.

There were also reports of robbers in the USA waiting by Pokestops in secluded locations for unsuspecting players.

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