Russian Officials Hopeful for Warmer Relations After Johnson Appointment

And he said he had received a call from US Secretary of State John Kerry, who called for "more Britain abroad".

"If with its new Foreign Secretary the United Kingdom has the desire and intention to open a new chapter, we will support him", she added.

British special relationship is as essential as ever in face of the present dynamic of world affairs.

When asked by reporters, about a few people he had to apologise to, "President Obama, for example?".Johnson quipped, "Well, as I said, the United States of America will be at the front of the queue".

FILE - European Parliament President Martin Schulz gives a statement after the conference of Presidents at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, June 24, 2016.

Johnson, a former mayor of London, has a long history of making controversial remarks, some of which were directed at people whom he is likely to regularly deal with in his new capacity.

"With his new responsibilities we are expecting a more positive attitude from Mr. Johnson", said the official of the new British minister, who had a Turkish great-grandfather. "This is about taking foreign policy responsibility beyond Brexit", Steinmeier said.

Schaeuble is influential in Germany's government and in Chancellor Angela Merkel's party.

Mogherini and Johnson will have an informal dinner, an European Union official said. When President Barack Obama suggested Britain would be at the back of the queue for trade deals with the USA if it left the EU, Johnson replied the president had Kenyan roots and had an "ancestral dislike of the British Empire". "Well, may God help him and reform him and I hope that he won't make any more mistakes and try to make it up with the Turks", Yildirim said in an interview with the BBC recorded at the weekend and broadcast on Thursday.

Still, Hardt suggests: "Britain remaining in the European Union should also be an option for the new government - it would be better for Great Britain and the rest of the European Union".

David Davis has been charged with leading the UK's exit from the EU.

Thursday, May announced more Cabinet appointments, placing strongly anti-EU figures in key worldwide roles.

Leadsom pulled out of the race over the leadership of the governing Conservative Party on Monday, leaving May as the only contender, effectively throwing the keys of Number 10 to her rival.

Wednesday, waves as she leaves after a cabinet meeting at number 10 Downing Street in central London, Britain on July 12, 2016.

"I wish it was a joke but I fear it isn't", former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt tweeted at the news of Johnson's appointment.

Hammond on Thursday said he would not submit an emergency budget in response to the Brexit decision, and would instead submit the budget in the fall, as is customary.

"The question is how we negotiate with the European Union not from the point of view of being members but from the point of view of being close neighbors and trade partners", he added.

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