Sanders expected to endorse Clinton at rally Tuesday

Sanders' appearance at a Clinton rally in New Hampshire was announced early Monday, and TIME reports the appearance will also serve as the Vermont senator's formal endorsement.

Weaver said he and Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook "talk every day, basically, at this point" and said recent shifts in Clinton's healthcare and education proposals, released last week, were the result of "many, many discussions back and forth about our views".

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton pass during a break at a Democratic debate April 14 in NY.

Climate change, health care and a minimum wage hike are among the issues that the Sanders campaign are calling victories.

He added, in a nod to Clinton: "We need to elect a Democratic Congress and president and make certain that the language in the Democratic platform is translated into law".

During a combative meeting in a hotel ballroom, members of the Democratic National Convention's full Platform Committee voted down amendments to explicitly oppose the deal and to oppose a vote on it in Congress. Instead, they endorsed an amendment that included stronger language governing trade deals, including the TPP.

"I think if you read the platform right now, you will understand that the political revolution is alive and kicking", said Sanders policy adviser Warren Gunnels. But that issue is thorny because even though Clinton has also come out against it, President Barack Obama favors the deal.

As Democrats arrived in Orlando, compromise between negotiators for Clinton and Sanders seemed elusive.

More than 2,000 students, alumni and faculty at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School have signed an open letter to Donald Trump saying they disagree with his rhetoric and policies. It follows a tense weekend in Orlando, Fla., where delegates for both candidates hammered out a final draft of the party's platform. Sanders made community health care centers a key priority during his primary challenge to Clinton this year and has long championed increased funding for the program.

Now that the Bernie Sanders campaign appears to be coming to an end, many of Bernie's loyal supporters don't appear to be quite as loyal. His stated goal has always been to move the Democratic Party.

Then, though, came a series of compromises in which Sanders extracted major concessions.

Sanders supporters were disappointed about the platform not formally denouncing Israeli settlements in the West Bank or banning fracking, according to CNN.

Vice President Joe Biden was scheduled to publicly endorse Clinton in Scranton, Pennsylvania last Friday, but the event was scrapped in the wake of the ambush attack against police officers in Dallas. He defeated Clinton there 60 to 38 percent in February's primary election. Sanders' campaign tweeted Saturday.

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