Sanders poised to endorse Clinton at upcoming event

Sanders expected to endorse Clinton on Tuesday New York Times

Published: Today 3:54 pm Sanders expected to endorse Clinton on Tuesday New York Times Reuters

Even so, Sanders was able to get 12 million votes in support of his policies. "You don't have to mess with it by that much". The Orlando meeting is not the final stop for Sanders, who should have support to file reports that would allow for votes on some of these issues at the convention. Many were wearing stickers stressing that they want the platform to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which Clinton has come out against but Obama supports. After the opening statements, the meeting paused for several hours, while private conversations continued behind the scenes.

In fact, the same day as his less-than-wild Capitol Hill reception, Sanders praised Clinton for a plan she announced to make higher education more affordable, calling it "a result of the work of both campaigns". Clinton has also agreed to vastly expand her plan for free college, which - along with a Sanders endorsement - should help unite young voters behind her, after a primary in which she really did fail to win their votes in worrying numbers.

A Democrat who attended the session provided details, demanding anonymity in order to speak freely.

Clinton's latest proposal includes a three-month moratorium for federal student loan payments and a new measure to eliminate in-state college tuition for families whose income does not exceed $125,000, according to a release from her campaign.

When Bernie Sanders appeared this week before an audience of 100 or so Democratic House members, the closed-door reception in a basement hearing room on Capitol Hill was markedly cool. In June, Sanders told MSNBC he plans to vote for Clinton.

President Obama endorsed Clinton during an event in North Carolina Tuesday, and she is set to campaign with Vice President Joe Biden today. The two then campaigned together in Unity, N.H., three weeks later.

Middlebury College political science professor Matt Dickinson says Sanders is sticking to his belief that the Democratic Party needs to be transformed on some basic economic issues.

The party guidelines also have language endorsing steps to break up large Wall Street banks and urging an end to the death penalty. Besides wanting the platform to register opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, he's seeking a freeze on hydraulic fracking.

Another ongoing matter is that of the party's platform, with Sanders pushing for a more progressive tone.

Sanders policy adviser Warren Gunnels expressed confidence that there is still "a great deal we can negotiate", especially on the trade deal. "It is a platform that reflects that reality". Similarly, over three-in-five Sanders voters who are now supporting Clinton agree more with her on national security and terrorism (65 percent), the economy (65 percent), and global trade (60 percent).

And Dickinson says a Sanders endorsement, as early as next week, comes at a very good time for Clinton.

For some, patience is in short supply, with Sanders insistent on major policy concessions and Clinton aides feeling he has remained in the race for too long after Clinton became the presumptive nominee. In fact, Clinton is now winning two-thirds of Sanders primary voters (66 percent), while 27 percent remain undecided and 7 percent say they are planning on voting for Trump.

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