Tigers Attack Women At Wildlife Park

The Siberian tigers were in an enclosure at Beijing Badaling Wildlife World

The Siberian tigers were in an enclosure at Beijing Badaling Wildlife World

Tigers at the Beijing Badaling Wildlife World pounced on one of the woman when she steeped out of her private auto. In China at what's called a safari park, a woman was eaten alive and another seriously injured after they got out of a vehicle in a tiger enclosure. A nearby tiger attacked her nearly immediately, prompting her mother to get out and try to rescue her. The older woman died on the spot, and the younger one was sent to the hospital but is in serious condition. All visitors are also understood to have signed letters of responsibility, which explicitly states that self-driving into the park, to lock vehicle doors and windows, non-stop. The woman's husband was uninjured, as was their child, who remained in the vehicle, the newspaper said. A second woman who tried to help her companion was killed by another tiger that leapt at her. In this video by CCTV News it shows that following a fight, she exited her auto and went around it to ask her husband to exit too.

The incident happened at Badaling Wildlife World Sanctuary in the northern outskirts of Beijing on Saturday (July 23), Xinhua added. A security guard who stepped out of a patrol vehicle was killed by a tiger in 2014.

The park, which is the largest of its kind in China, also broadcasts warnings and safety rules through speakers throughout the day.

The park was closed after the incident while it was being investigated, according to authorities.

An 18-year-old was also reportedly killed by a tiger back in 2009 after climbing a fence to get into the animal enclosure.

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