Top US Navy admiral to visit China, discuss South China Sea

Retired Adm. dennis blair

Top US Navy admiral to visit China, discuss South China Sea

The remarks by Solicitor General Jose Calida follow two days of carefully calibrated responses from the Philippines and are nearly certain to irritate China further.

The South China Sea issue is not an issue between China and ASEAN, said Yang, adding that China will maintain communication and consultation with those ASEAN member states who are directly concerned to address the specific disputes in a proper way.

"The award opens a horizon of possibilities for all stakeholders".

Stressing that China's position on the arbitration fully complies with global law, Yang said the basic fact has been thoroughly elaborated in a series of position papers issued by the Chinese government.

Julie Bishop has warned China its reputation would suffer if it ignored the decision, a warning which her Chinese counterpart says is shocking.

A spokesman for CNNC told Reuters the floating reactors plan had been drawn up by its affiliate, the Nuclear Power Institute of China, and a final decision would be made by CSIC.

The subject was discussed on Thursday during a meeting between Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Lao Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith ahead a regional summit in Mongolia capital Ulaanbaatar.

The tribunal said that although navigators and fishermen from China and other states have historically made use of South China Sea islands, there was no evidence that China had historically exercised exclusive control over the waters or resources.

The statement did not elaborate.

The Chinese foreign ministry didn't respond to a request to comment. Vietnam, another claimant in the sea, protested China's recent activities in the disputed South China Sea, saying they seriously violate Vietnamese sovereignty.

On China's stance not to negotiate based on the ruling, Martin said, "I take China at its word that that's its position right now".

Global lawyer Lawrence Martin, co-counsel in the Philippines' case against China, said in a separate interview, "I think bilateral talks with China are certainly appropriate as long as they're on the basis of the award".

An worldwide tribunal ruling discounting China's claims with respect to Scarborough Reef and the Spratlys could complicate efforts to mount another DXpedition to the rare and remote South China Sea DXCC entities.

The State Department appears to believe that a quick push against China is more likely to lead to a military confrontation, and with the USA confirming it is obliged by treaty to back the Philippines' claims militarily, they clearly want to avoid that.

Zhenmin softened his country's position somewhat by "extending an olive branch to the new Philippine government" of President Rodrigo Duterte, saying the Philippines would "benefit from cooperating with China", as reported by the Associated Press. He stated, "War? It is not an option".

But the cautious tone appears to be changing in the Philippines, where there are signs of public disgruntlement with the subdued government response to a decision that most of the country was celebrating.

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