WATCH: Gregg Popovich With an Emotional Tribute to Tim Duncan

The Spurs announced Duncan's retirement on Monday. He was a 15-time All-Star, selected to the All-NBA Team 15 times (tied for most all-time) and received NBA All-Defensive Team honors 15 times (most all-time). That run is the best stretch of 19 seasons in National Basketball Association history and over the last 19 years is the best of the four major sports in the United States. While the move was a mere formality, the club needed to do it to "waive and stretch" Duncan's $6.4 million salary for the 2016-17 season so that it's spread out over three seasons instead of one, which lessens the cap hit the team will take.

Yet, even though last season wasn't that enjoyable for him, Duncan is still in awe of all he's accomplished in his career.

19 — The number of years he played.

50 — Minimum number of games the Spurs have won in each of the last 17 seasons, an National Basketball Association record.

53 — Duncan's career-high for points, set December 26, 2001 against Dallas.

But he was unquestionably the best player of his generation - the NBA's bridge from Michael Jordan to LeBron James - and one of the game's 10 best players ever.

251 — The number of playoff games in which he played.

And when asked if there's a specific game of Duncan's that sticks out, Popovich recalled a Summer League game when Duncan got blocked by Greg Ostertag. Together, they won all of the five of the franchise's National Basketball Association championships, along with 1001 regular season wins together, the most ever for a player-coach duo in league history.

835 — His career regular-season dunk total.

The Spurs won a franchise-record 67 games in the regular season this year.

His presence was what allowed Gregg Popovich - now considered one of the greatest coaches of all time - to coach the team the way he wanted. They guided the "Spurs Way" to five championships from the first in 1999, to the last in 2014. He finished college with more than 1,500 points; 1,000 rebounds; 400 blocked shots; and 200 assists. Maybe nobody expected the Mavs to be good that fast, but they had a real chance to topple one of the better Spurs teams - a team that would go on to win the Finals - in Dirk's fifth year.

He used an exhaustive workout regimen of boxing, swimming and diet to help him keep pace with the younger, faster, stronger players that kept coming at him year after year. In his career finale, he scored 19 points, with five rebounds and a block as he played the entire fourth quarter without a rest.

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