1 of the green pools at Olympics to be drained and refilled

Officials insisted the water was safe for competing, even after a larger, adjacent pool used for water polo and synchronized swimming also turned a lighter shade of green.

Mario Andrada, of the Rio Olympic committee, said the chlorine had been reduced, ...

Pictures of the water in the diving pool led to a mass speculation as to the dramatic change in colour earlier this week.

The mystery of the green pools has become one of the most glorious reservoirs of memes and conspiracy theories in the 2016 Games.

According to organizers, the addition of hydrogen peroxide neutralized the chlorine and allowed algae to bloom. "I'm an American. All of our water is over-chlorinated".

The water suddenly turned green Tuesday, midway through the synchronized diving events.

Nascimento says the move is necessary to ensure clear water for both judges and competitors during synchronized swimming.

After attempting to continue with regularly scheduled training, officials in Rio have made a decision to shut down the Olympic diving pool that turned a murky shade of green.

Still, days after officials said they had figured out the problem, the water remains a problem.

On Friday, Rio officials finally closed the pool because not only was the color still green, but athletes were complaining about the smell of the pool.

We told you about it a couple days ago, how they were keeping it open and in use by the divers despite all kinds of controversy from Twitter and every other corner of the internet.

"We were not consulted, our contractor's failure is our failure". "It is something that should not have been done". We could have done better in fixing it quickly. "Health is never an issue in this incident". "Now is the time to fix the problem".

"We made a little mistake", said Andrada.

"Again, there's no risk to the athletes and colour-wise it is better than yesterday".

Andrada was also forced to defend himself amid claims he had not taken the issue seriously after he had compared the colour of the water to that of the Brazilian national flag.

Twenty water polo games have been played at Maria Lenk since the water began to change.

Tony Azevado, U.S. men's water polo captain, said there were times he couldn't see during their match against France this week. "That was my fault". We promised twice that it would be fixed and it wasn't delivered.

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