FAA Drone Laws Loosened For Commercial Use

"I feel that the industry is going to be so active and plentiful in opportunity that I would rather see people trained to operate safely and efficiently flying these crafts versus untrained amateurs", he said.

There are privacy guidelines to go along with the rules, including not being allowed to fly over private property without prior permission.

Tell us the pros and cons that you see to the usage of drones.

According to the FAA drones must be at maximum of 55 pounds, fly under 400 feet at a speed of no more than 100 miles per hour and can only be operated during the daylight.

According to the new rules, commercial drone pilots must be over the age of 16 and pass a background check.

The drones can only be operated during daytime and up to 30 minutes before sunrise and after sunset, the FAA rules stipulate.

The FAA regulations say commercial drone operators will no longer need to get a pilot's license, which is an expensive and time-intensive endeavor. Now they simply have to pass a test costing $150, though some are opting to pay more for study courses.

"Just as we're seeing innovative technologies transforming our roads and our ports and our seaways, drones are also blazing an uncharted path that will continue to revolutionize our airspace", he said. Keven Gambold, chief executive officer of Unmanned Experts Inc.in Denver, said in an interview. These drones would be used by commercial companies like Google and Amazon.

The rules are limited in scope and don't cover more complex uses of unmanned aircraft, especially at higher altitudes and beyond the sight of operators.

"We did a couple of practice tests, went back and hit the books hard, it was tough and there was a lot of stuff we didn't prepare for but it turned out good." said Bennett. Nicholas Flom, the director of safety for the Northern Plains UAS Test Site states the first phase of the UTM project involved a number of drone operators across the country. That's well above the usual three or four people per month taking FAA exams there, Johnson said.

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