Here Are The Names Being Considered For Las Vegas NHL Team


Here Are The Names Being Considered For Las Vegas NHL Team

Bird might be the word for the Las Vegas NHL franchise.

As the article points out, a nighthawk is a bird native to the Nevada area, and is also the name of a fighter jet that has some roots in the area.

Foley had been partial to Black Knights, as an homage to his military background, in the past, but this idea couldn't move forward because of a trademark problem.

The three "hawks" names for the team, which is scheduled to open play in 14 months, are registered as several different domain names by Foley's Black Knight IP Holding Company, LLC.

Out of those three, which all seem to make sense in some capacity, the Nighthawks/Night Hawks appears to be the front-runner in this scenario. But the name is going to have Knights somewhere in some fashion, some way. Carp believes that Nighthawks is probably the leading choice for the nickname.

Las Vegas Jackrabbits would be a great team name!

Foley's goal was to unveil a nickname and logo - and merchandise to sell - for an official announcement in late September or early October. They did say that Nevada, was not listed as the location part of the team name. noted that out of these three options, Nighthawks would work the best, though there are some trademark issues that could come with this. "Or, there's one particular animal, a bird, that we have available to us that we might use".

Nighthawks has been used by an American Hockey League team and a defunct United Football League team. The sports world learned back in June that Sin City was the destination for the new hockey team, and it will mark the first time since 2000 that the NHL will add an entirely new expansion club.

The organization would not have any problems with Desert Hawks. believes that Las Vegas Nighthawks is probably the name that Foley will decide on for his new team when they begin play during the 2017-2018 National Hockey League season.

"The London Knights own the name in Canada, and to acquire the name from London is not economically feasible", Foley told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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