Hookup Games: Tinder usage up among athletes at Rio Olympics

A representation of the Olympic rings is displayed in the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro.

There will always be problems that hinder any country when hosting the Olympics, but the International Olympic Committee may need to take a little broader look when awarding bids to the cities vying to host the world's largest gathering.

The app is a flawless stepping stone for hook ups during the summer games with around 10,000 athletes living in a 31-building compound.

People may scoff at watching sports like badminton, fencing or archery, sports many people don't normally think about watching.

He began by saying there will be 5500 anti-doping tests carried out on the 10,500-odd athletes competing in these Games; 4500 urine samples, 1000 blood. While the swipes, the choose or reject feature of the app, have gone up by 69 percent in the area, the super likes, where users pick the best-looking person they come across each day, shot up by 73 percent.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denounced the allegations against Russian sport as a politically motivated plot and said the principle of collective responsibility lacks common sense and legality. We can always do more.

Pole vaulter Sam Kendricks, a second lieutenant in the US Army reserve, said he was saddened that clean Russian athletes had not more time to fight their case against exclusion.

At the aquatics centre, the water in two pools turned a bright shade of green as chemicals used in the filtering process ran out.

The 2016 Olympic Games has turned Rio into a Tinder nirvana - if you're in the right place at the right time (and the athletes swipe you back) - but this shouldn't be a huge surprise.

By Tuesday afternoon the International Olympic Committee announced four more.

The results of the court's scrutiny cleared the road to Rio for Yefimova.

Adams said Bach wanted lifetime bans "for serious doping issues". "They think we do all these bad things, that we are cunning and wicked", said Tatyana Omelchenko, who travelled nearly 15,000 km (9,320 miles) from the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia to watch fencing in Rio. Certainly, it's something that the president is very keen on and, it appears, that the public is very keen on.

So, who are you going to believe?

If the opening four days of these Olympics are any guide, athletes will go on flagrantly branding contemporary rivals as deceptive, doping, frauds in full view of the world.

"We feel overwhelmed by emotion", said Denis Abliazin after taking his third Olympic medal after silver on the vault and bronze on floor in London.

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