No Man's Sky: 7 Things to Know About the Game

The problem is that just hours of PC release, many players are reporting that it is impossible to play, or even start the game. First PC patch released already! The game's Steam page has been inundated with thousands of poor reviews, resulting in an overall rating of "Mostly Negative".

As seen in the tweet below, Hello Games founder Sean Murray has said that the developer is "currently testing fixes for older AMD Phenom CPUs + more".

What are your thoughts on No Man's Sky thus far?

Most gamers agree that No Man's Sky is a technical masterpiece, highlighted by the ability to blast off into space, zoom into space, and seamless landing with no apparent loading. And when it's pushed to 90, it will only be moved to 60. Among the reported failures are unbearable lag in level with frames per second ridiculously low (10 to 20 fps), and many errors related to incompatibility with graphics cards, including the most powerful and expensive in the market.

Kotaku, using a PC powered by a 4.2 GHz Intel i7 processor and an Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU, is also experiencing performance issues of hitching and stuttering that happens from the loading screen and continues into gameplay.

What do you think about "No Man's Sky?". The epic science fiction game recently launched is having a chaotic PC release, and the public is very upset (and rightly so).

The studio has unveiled that some of the problems now being addressed with the hot fix include shader cache issues, SSE 4 for CPUs which don't support it, as well as shaky mouse controls for players who are on foot. The PlayStation version of No Man's Sky never had to face any issues except few minor server issues. A tiny team - less than 20 people - put together a huge game made nearly entirely out of procedurally generated content, and millions and millions of people are now playing it and finding every problem imaginable. The patch, however, did not seem to help.

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