Officials Believe Russians Hacked Election Systems In Two States

These hackers managed to access voter records but an election board official told the Post that it was a "fairly small percentage of the total".

Along with the attack in Illinois, Arizona state officials were notified by the FBI in June of attacks on their election system, which the bureau attributed to Russian bad actors.

V3's sister site The Inquirer has recently reported on a couple of politically motivated cyber attacks, including one on the Democratic Party that was claimed by infamous hacker Guccifer 2.0. This was followed by similar support for the complex systems that states have in place to protect our elections systems.

"We're confident the attackers could not undermine the election process in November", Menzel told SC.

The FBI issued an alert to local election officials across the US earlier this month advising them to ramp up cyber security measures after uncovering evidence that hackers breached two state election networks this summer, Yahoo News reported Monday morning.

Mahood declined to provide specifics, but said there is no evidence of a successful hack of the state's systems. The hack, which intelligence officials have pinned on Russian operatives, led to the resignation of DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. In both cases, the parts of the websites affected involved online voter registration.

He sees a continuing trend in prolific unauthorized database access, the results of which are being used as stepping stones to larger and more lucrative targets.

States are responsible for maintaining voter databases, and the information, which can contain dates of birth and home addresses, is attractive to identity thieves. In Arizona, hackers unsuccessfully tried to breach the voter registration system using malicious software, reports said.

The FBI suspects the two intrusions in Arizona and IL were linked.

Matthew Roberts, the Director of Communications for Arizona's Secretary of State, says there is no evidence that any information has been compromised, and there is no evidence of malware in the database.

Some experts, along with Democrat Hillary Clinton's campaign, believe that Russian Federation was behind the embarrassing email hack of the Democratic National Committee right before its national convention last month. Anyone can get that same information by filing a request with a local state voter agency, he said.

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