Participation in mobile gambling rose by 300% between 2014-2015, and here's the explanation

The last two years have seen participation in mobile gambling rising by 300%. No wonder casino operators and software developers are now putting more emphasis on mobile-friendly user interfaces to suite the needs of bettors who use online casinos.


However, in order for this trend to continue, it will be very essential for technological advances to be observed, followed, and implemented in the iGaming industry.


So far, the following highlights have proved that there is opportunity for further growth:


(a)Tablet ownership has been doubled from 9% to 19%.


(b)Conversions through the use of tablets has also increased


(c)Android OS still takes the lead, followed by iOS, Blackberry, Windows, and finally Symbian OS


(d)Penetration of smart phones is almost 90% in all areas across the world


With those statistics in place, platform developers are not taking anything to chance. They are actually burning the midnight oil in trying to come up with technological advancements that would bring these games into the mobile arena and still give value beyond offering the mere ability to play.


For this reason, we can confidently see the future of gambling skewing in bias toward mobile platforms. The gambling market is getting influenced by the heavy penetration of mobile gadgets in addition to the spread of WiFi networks across the world. Not only is the final consumer benefiting from the evolution, but also providers and operators are seeing an increased usage of their services.


The trend in mobile gaming cannot be understood better unless we take complex factors affecting the society into account. These factors include technological advancements and even psychological changes that manifest when the world of science is joined to that of entertainment.


Habits push the trend even harder


You’ll be shocked to learn that the average Smartphone user picks up their Smartphone about 1,500 times in one week. In other words, using these gadgets is something that has turned into second nature.


Could this suggest that smart gadgets will replace desktops in the near future? Well, there is a real possibility of that happening. If it comes to pass, then gaming developers will have to quit designing casino games for desktop platforms. What they will be designing will be biased towards the mobile platform, and this is something we can see even today. For every desktop casino game we have, a mobile version of the game exists for those who would want to access it using Android, iOS or Windows.




The stats are driven by the convenience that mobile phones and tablets have brought. If you want to sign up with AllSlots online casino, you don’t have to get home to do so on your desktop. Signing up can be done remotely on any mobile device. Playing real money games is also possible as well.



Mobile betting platform is now the most preferred technology for those pursuing bets on live sporting events. Usually, such events require bettors to place a series of bets in a very short period of time. Live sporting events will prompt users to operate with very short intervals of placing bets. This can only happen on smart phones and tablets. So the conservative desktop user would be greatly inconvenienced under these scenarios. 

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