Seven interesting facts about casino

Seven interesting facts about casino

Seven interesting facts about casino

The live online casino is a place that always attracts a lot of people. They come to feel the excitement and unique atmosphere, incredible events that are taking place in casinos, and the possibility to become the richest or poorest person on the planet in a blink of an eye. There is a huge variety of online casino live games. Many interesting facts and stories associated with gambling houses.

We bring you the top 7 facts about casinos:

- The deck consists of 52 cards. The number of combinations in poker is equal to 2,598,960, and a chance to collect Royal Flush - 1 in 649,740.

- During a year almost 38 million people visit Las Vegas. They spend there about $ 43 million. And China wants to take away the crown from Las Vegas with its numerous casinos.

- Studies show that women share in a casino is only 16% of all visitors. Women prefer to play in the stylish games and does not like to risk with all their money. Still, the modern live casino considers women as the main audience. There are a huge variety of different games that will be interesting for ladies.

- The sum of the largest jackpot that was won in Las Vegas is equal to 39 million US dollars. It should be noted that the daily amount of the withdrawal of money from slot machines does not exceed $ 108.

- Only 11 percent of all users in the world web prefer to spend their free time at the live casino, and most of them are connoisseurs of poker. However, according to experts, the most popular game in live casino will be a bingo very soon. 

- Napoleon liked to play "twenty-one" - the game, which was later renamed in blackjack. Still, even if it did not save him, you cannot blame casinos for it. Now in live casino you can also to show your ambitions and try to win in blackjack, feeling yourself like a great conqueror.

- The suits of playing cards actually represent social classes: Hearts symbolize the clergy, the peaks - the kingdom and famous rich people; clubs - the peasants, and diamonds – traders.

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