Trump slams Kaepernick for sit-down protest

Still, the whole thing is a sign of just where the debate over Kaepernick's protest has gone as virtually everyone in America has weighed in on it. Edwards is a sociologist and African-American activist who helped plan the "Olympic Project for Human Rights" before the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, where USA sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos took the medal podium barefoot and bowed their heads through the anthem, raising gloved fists in a black power protest. In taking a stand by sitting during the anthem, Kaepernick focused a spotlight on himself at a time when it was important to demonstrate solidarity with his team.

"That's his right as a citizen", Kelly said.

"I'll continue to sit", Kaepernick said. You're going to play to the strength, where I think it's on the move some. "Voltaire so eloquently stated, "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend it until death your right to say it, '" Harbaugh told". "I think he could have picked a better platform and a better way to do it, but every day they say athletes are so robotic and do everything by the book and then when somebody takes a stand like that, he gets his head chopped off". We have the right to disagree with what he said, or be angered by what he said.

"For him doing it in that way really irked me", said Isner, who's now pulling for Kaepernick's backup in San Francisco. "I'm a big Blaine Gabbert fan now", he said.

Gabbert and Kaepernick are competing for San Francisco's starting QB job.

Asked for President Obama's reaction to Kaepernick's actions, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today signaled his personal disagreement, but indicated he hadn't quizzed the president on the subject.

"I think we have had a lot of great men and women die for our country to give us that choice, and I'm a believer in our First Amendment", said Bolus.

The U.S. national anthem takes about two minutes to sing. He also shot and killed a 19-year-old black man in the line of duty, as well. They are trying to paint a picture that he kind of hates this country, I guess.

Kaepernick explained that he will continue to sit during the National Anthem until he feels the flag, "represents what it's supposed to represent". But is Kaepernick untouchable on this one?

You see, Colin, to some that flag does represent oppression.

To Monday, who served six years in the United States Marine Corps reserve, not standing for the national anthem is akin to desecrating the flag. "One specifically? Police brutality", said Kaepernick, who is biracial and whose adoptive parents are white.

MORE PRAISE FOR CRUZ: Victor Cruz continued his comeback as a full participant in practice Monday following Saturday's game, his first in 685 days.

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