Iowa governor says Trump can win on agriculture

According to the latest Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll released on Friday, Clinton is 5-percentage-point ahead of Trump in terms of national support, 41 percent to 36 percent.

Finally, YouGov found that the voters who said both candidates are evil were more likely to be between the ages of 18 and 34 or undecided/third party voters.

The word "bitch" does not come up often in either community, appearing in just 0.11 percent of Clinton comments and 0.56 percent of Trump comments.

Donald Trump's new pitch to African Americans is that Democratic policies have made their lives so bad, "What the hell do you have to lose?"

"To Hillary Clinton, and to her donors and advisers, pushing her to spread her smears and her lies about decent people, I have three words", he said.

Pastor Pascal Urrabazo (left) and Irma Aguirre (right) sit with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as he speaks during a Hispanic Small Business Leaders round table meeting at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 26, 2016.

Clinton, who has denied the influence charges, pressed the argument that Trump lacks the temperament to be president.

Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, a white nationalist magazine, live-tweeted the event and expressed his desire for Clinton to discuss the alt-right. "I call on Hillary Clinton to disavow this video and her campaign for this sickening act that has no place in our world", he said.

Meeks echoed the message of the other officials, and paraphrased a quote from the poet Maya Angelou to say that voters should be suspect of Trump's outreach to black Americans. Trump, who is trying to win over moderate voters and minorities who have been unsettled by some of his provocative remarks and policy proposals, has tried to paint Clinton as a racist.

"I think that's what [Trump] was suggesting", Sessions told reporters earlier this week.

Trump, who also met Thursday in NY with members of a new Republican Party initiative meant to train young - and largely minority - volunteers, has been working to win over blacks and Latinos in light of his past inflammatory comments.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton issued the most scathing denunciation of her Republican opponent Donald Trump to date, accusing him of racism and building a campaign on "prejudice and paranoia".

Casting her candidacy as a nonracist alternative, Clinton praised black poet Maya Angelou as "a great American who I admire very much" and quoted an "old Mexican proverb" in order to argue that Trump had revealed his true colors with his provocative comments and his associations with fringe figures. "More importantly, you don't get to the White House without addressing the nation's civil rights agenda".

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