Maine Governor: 'Maybe It's Time to Move On'

Statehouse Democrats called on LePage to step down. And the House Republicans in ME are a diverse caucus; they run the gamut.

A year later, LePage said that NAACP officials, who had called him out for not attending a Martin Luther King Jr.'s event, could "kiss my butt".

Maine Governor Paul LePage speaks at the 23rd Annual Energy Trade and Technology Conference in Boston, Massachusetts November 13, 2015.

"And the enemy right now, the overwhelming majority of people coming in are people of color or people of Hispanic origin", LePage said. LePage, who is term-limited and can not run again, was re-elected in 2014 for a four-year term.

He encouraged the media to take a step away from the governor drama because, as he put it, "when the media go away, the people of ME will be left", and they will need to focus on Maine's issues. He suggested "there is going to be a significant change in leadership" because of the "very hard environment" created by an ongoing feud with the state's House Speaker Mark Eves, who is a Democrat.

The controversies have often overshadowed some of his achievements, including repaying $484 million in hospital debt and cutting income taxes.

During the interview, he apologized repeatedly for an expletive-ridden voicemail he recently left for Democratic state Rep. Drew Gattine and said it was “unacceptable and totally my fault.”.

LePage had been angry with Gattine because he thought Gattine called him a racist. He also said he wanted to point a gun in between Gattine's eyes. Speaking directly to his comments, they are 100% ignorant and obnoxious. LePage, who's white, says he's not racist.

"When I was called a racist I just lost it, and there's no excuse", the governor said. "To me this epitomizes his ignorance and he owes the people of the cities of Lowell and Lawrence an apology", Lowell City Councilor and former mayor Rodney Elliott said in a statement. "There needs to be a professional approach".

State Senator Amy Volk, a Republican, also questioned on Facebook whether LePage was suffering from "substance abuse, mental illness or just ignorance". "I have a problem with those people that are bringing heroin into our state and poisoning our children", the Cumberland GOP member of the Joint Standing Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety. While Republicans control the Senate, Dutson suggests that there may be enough -given recent events- to join Democrats and remove LePage. But, he added, "race baiting is worse because it's an implication of one's character".

LePage won election twice in multi-candidate fields because he attracted a loyal group of conservative voters who hate political correctness, and see LePage as their only hope for real representation, warts and all.

LePage says he keeps a three-ringed binder of photos from drug busts and most "are black and Hispanic people from Waterbury, Connecticut; the Bronx; and Brooklyn".

Thibodeau would take over as governor if LePage stepped down. Overall, Maine Republican officials are questioning LePage's professionalism and stability.

"For our governor to openly say that we are the enemy makes it much more likely that they could be attacked in whatever manner", Dhalac said. That was the first time LePage has raised the possibility that he might resign in the wake of several obscene, vulgar and offensive comments he's made in the past few days.

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