China celebrates Year of Rooster

People purchase food snacks clothes and decorations in preparation for the Chinese New Year

China celebrates Year of Rooster

Bear in mind that the Lunar New Year, on which the Chinese Zodiac is based, doesn't have a fixed date, like the New Year in the Gregorian calendar (January 1st). Following the traditions, Children are gifted money by their elders in red envelopes to bestow good luck and health upon them. Element-sign combinations only reoccur every 60 years, so the last Year of the Fire Rooster was 1957.

Don't wear black: It is a taboo for a person to wear black clothing, as it relates to death and mourning. The zodiac is said to influence personalities of people born under a given sign as well as the general tone and mood of the year.

Do you know what your Chinese zodiac animal is? The saying associated with dumpings, or jiao zhi, is "gen shui jiao zhi", or "ring out the old year and ring in the new".

Do not use sharp objects: Using knives or scissors should avoided as they may cut off fortune.

Regardless of whichever way people celebrate it, Smith said that Lunar New Year is "a humanistic celebration of new beginnings" that anybody can enjoy. Also known in China as the Spring Festival, it's marked by around one-sixth of the world's population and is celebrated as Tet in Vietnam, Seollal in Korea, Losar in Tibet and Tsagaan Sar in Mongolia.

Starting from 28 January, the colourful celebrations to welcome in the year of the rooster will continue for around two weeks, ending on 2 February.

However, this is the year of the fire rooster. Another popular food is the New Year cake.

Sydney prepares to welcome the Year of the Rooster. May you be happy and prosperous.

Oranges and other similarly hued fruits are eaten for good luck. Windows and doors will be decorated with red decorations.

The Chinese new year celebrations are emblematic of the cultural tradition, heritage and aesthetic aspirations of the Chinese nation, abounding in distinctive Chinese symbols of great emotional appeal.

Beijing's sprawling spring festival temple fair opened at Ditan Park, where empty tree branches were festooned with red lanterns and traditional goods and foods were for sale.

The most extravagant celebrations will be held in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, in the Chinatown Mall where a large firecracker display will be let off at 6.30pm with celebrations on from 5pm to 10pm.

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