Chuck Schumer Demands Trump 'Rescind' Refugee Order

Defense Secretary James Mattis welcomes Jordan King Abdullah at the Pentagon in Washington DC U.S. January 30. Mattis reportedly was not consulted during the drafting of the executive order affecting seven Muslim-majority nations

Chuck Schumer Demands Trump 'Rescind' Refugee Order

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed Sunday to challenge President Trump's executive order banning citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering America in a bid to keep out terrorists.

Schumer said, "This executive order was mean spirited and un-American".

Republicans who don't speak out about the Muslim ban will now own it with Donald Trump. These orders make us less safe and less American.

He demanded that the President immediately rescind the executive orders.

Schumer told the stories of the refugees he stood with and explained how these people would have been stranded or faced death had this order come sooner. Democrats are also planning to slow the confirmation process for the rest of Trump's cabinet nominees if Republicans don't get on board with reversing the executive orders.

OPEN DOOR The Pentagon under Defense Secretary James Mattis is drawing up a list of Iraqis to be eligible to come here because they assisted United States forces in Iraq

Schumer on Sunday morning added that he had been personally assured by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly that the court orders would be followed. "All those still in airports expected to be admitted", he tweeted.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said House Democrats are exploring legal options, including an amicus brief in support of the ACLU lawsuit against the actions.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said in an interview with Vox that he is going to shame Republicans into joining the opposition to the ban, "I am going to do my best to shame Republicans into joining us to oppose this measure, but they control congress. Democrats can't change this policy by ourselves. Democrats intend to honor that oath by fighting the unconstitutional injustice of the President's Muslim ban".

"Any delays in implementing the injunction will have extremely harmful ramifications across the United States as families, coworkers and communities will be arbitrarily separated".

"As the Statue of Liberty holds her torch of welcome high, there are tears in her eyes as she sees how low this Administration has stooped in its callousness toward immigrant families and refugees who have trusted in the laws and protections of the United States", she said.

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