France to double visas for Iranian visitors: FM

Iran VP Eshagh Jahangiri

France to double visas for Iranian visitors: FM

"While respecting Americans & differentiating between them &hostile USA policies, Iran will take reciprocal measures to protect citizens", the foreign minister wrote.

This is coming hours after Tehran vowed to respond in kind to the US ban on visitors from Iran and six other Muslim dominated countries.

The visa restrictions run counter to Washington's claims of fighting terrorism and establishing security for the American people, and would be marked in history "as a big gift presented to extremists and their supporters", it added.

This is the first visit by a foreign minister of a world power since the new US administration took office.

"France wants to be able to allow a larger number of Iranians wishing to travel to France to ask for a visa in improved conditions", the French minister said at the start of a visit to the Islamic republic.

"Collective discrimination aids terrorist recruitment by deepening fault-lines exploited by extremist demagogues to swell their ranks".

The foreign Minister took to his twitter handle to say that the country would gladly welcome anyone with a valid visa. Earlier in the day, Iran's Foreign Ministry slammed the recent decision as "insulting", vowing that Tehran would respond to the move in kind.

A White House official later named the restricted countries as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia.

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