Kellyanne Conway Has An Epic Meltdown And Compares Donald Trump To Jesus

Not one network person has been let go. I haven't slept in in months.

"It is always "zing, ' it is always playing gotcha", she continued". None of them have been let go.

President Trump said, "Put me into the board room as your representative and I will deliver for you like no politician has ever delivered, believe me".

"If the mainstream media were a thriving private sector business that actually turned a profit, which is not true of many newspapers, 20 percent of the people would be gone".

"If they're vetted it's a routine process they'll go through", she said. And the responsibility is to get the story right'.

WASHINGTON ― Kellyanne Conway, top advisor to President Donald Trump, suggested on Sunday that she understands what it's like for immigrants and refugees to be detained at USA airports because her own travels were slowed down after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It's all the same.

And Conway attacked journalists - but not by name - for using their Twitter feeds to vent their anger in ways they would never do on the air or in print. Nor should it, ' she said.

Notice she doesn't say she believes in a free press, but a "full and fair" one, whatever that means.

Speaking with Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday," Conway said that the travel headaches caused by the executive order are a "small price to pay" in return for security.

'They don't understand this country.

'What he's saying is, "Why don't you talk less and listen to America more?"' she said.

Because of the order, refugees with official USA visas were detained at US ports of entry on Friday and Saturday, causing thousands of demonstrators to protest at airports across the country.

I was a White House fact-checker.Conway pledged that the Trump administration will continue down the pro-life trail it started when President Trump signed an executive order to defund International Planned Parenthood.The White House under President Trump is really an alternate universe.

'Biased media coverage is easy to detect.

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