New T-Mobile Promo Offers Cash Back on All Smartphones

That's actually more than the sales tax of your phone (in most cases anyway), and depending on what kind of smartphone you have, you could be getting more than $100! In a limited time offer beginning February 1, the company is offering 11.2-percent back (likely more than you pay in taxes on a phone) in the form of a pre-paid MasterCard.

T-Mobile calls this a limited time offer, but doesn't list how long it will last, so interested consumers should ask their local stores for more information.

It's tax season, and T-Mobile's latest promotion is going to give you a reason to spend your refund on a new smartphone from the magenta carrier. On top of that, T-Mobile is giving carrier customers a 2 rebate this year with $150 for each and every line you switch to T-Mobile ONE up to 12 lines, for a limited time. This applies to up to 12 lines, and every single smartphone with one of the aforementioned plans is eligible. To get your new phone's tax covered, you'll need to buy the device on an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) and then submit your account info and the promo code 17DEVICECREDIT on T-Mobile's promos website. Actually, they are going to be giving you about 11.2% back in the form of a prepaid MasterCard, so expect it to take a few months to actually arrive.

T-Mobile simplifies its monthly plan billing by including taxes in its base price to keep things clean and consistent, and now it's doing the same with its smartphone pricing. Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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