Part Of Trump's Ethics Order Might Look Familiar

Part Of Trump's Ethics Order Might Look Familiar

Part Of Trump's Ethics Order Might Look Familiar

Amusing irony for a man whose diet is as bland and boring as humanly possible, but food continues to be a source of embarrassment from which Donald Trump just can't escape: The Daily Show has somehow gotten a hold of the inauguration cake that turned out to be a layer-by-layer copy of the one Duff Goldman made Obama in 2013. There will be no pivot, no moderation, no fresh perspective borne of contact with the awesome power of his office. And, you know, it's-you could think about it as a game of presidential ping-pong. So technically, an executive order is one type of executive action.

Richard Manning is president of Americans for Limited Government. But we have to remember that they're not the same as federal law and laws that pass by Congress. Laws that get passed by Congress are harder to enact, because it requires congressional consent in a vote, and they're also harder to withdraw, because that also requires congressional consent.

Your afternoon shot of politics, sent straight from the desk of Joshua Miller.

On Jan. 21, America's new president made his great beginning look bad - and then much worse.

One week into his presidency, Donald Trumpwasted no time in pushing forward on promises made during his campaign, but the dazzling assembly of executive actions and some of his words have done nothing but exacerbate tensions in the country.

On foreign policy, Trump's campaign brought a new perspective, making it possible to consider a new approach.

On the night of his inauguration, Trump signed his first executive order. Are there any concrete actions to be taken as a result of this order?

Is an order different from an executive action? They are legally binding and subject to review by the courts. "The circumvention of Congress makes the order a threat to separation of powers, as well", Ilya Somin, a law professor with George Mason University said in a post for The Washington Post's Volokh Conspiracy blog.

To justify building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, for example, Trump argued that the number of migrants illegally "pouring across the border has increased in recent years and that "all across the country" Americans have been victims of violent crimes perpetrated by these "illegals".

Authorize building the wall, check. And how does Trump compare to other presidents when it comes to the pace of these early edicts?

The border wall also led to the first global fallout from the Trump presidency.

Trump also signed executive memoranda that mostly touched on military policies, including directing the Pentagon to come up with an anti-ISIS plan within 30 days. Our self-proclaimed "Law & Order" president isn't likely to cut money for the cops, so this whole sanctuary city thing amounts to a bunch of nonsense.

There are infamous orders, too. But pretending that Russian Federation is a world threat as it was during the Cold War is a serious error when we should be looking at common interests.

An executive memorandum is similar to an executive order because it carries legal weight.

While Trump's orders and memoranda have garnered a lot of political criticism, there's little suggestion of overreach or impropriety. All of them. After less than 24 hours as president, Trump chose to blast the journalists and have his staff do it, too. But the embargo was codified by Congress, which raised questions about how far Obama could go before he ran afoul of congressional prerogatives.

The trouble here is that if you remove all penalties you jeopardize the entire program- because the Affordable Care Act doesn't work without the individual mandate, and the mandate doesn't work without some penalty for non-compliance. In fact, according to the Congressional Budget Office, by 2026, 32 million people would be without health insurance if there is nothing to replace the ACA.

"He hasn't explained to any of us what this executive order is, and how it gives everybody insurance that is better and cheaper than what they had before", Pearce said. Obama signed five orders in his first week, while his predecessor, George W. Bush signed none.

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