Trudeau Welcomes Refugees To Canada After Trump's Immigration Order

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with the public as a pipeline protestor stands behind him at a town hall at the University of Winnipeg on Jan. 26 2017

Trudeau Welcomes Refugees To Canada After Trump's Immigration Order

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has rejected the temporary United States ban on refugees and immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The federal government has been low key in its response to the American ban, with Trudeau only offering a tweet that Canada would welcome those fleeing persecution, terror and war regardless of their faith.

Not just that, Trudeau also posted a photograph that was in such marked contrast to the emotions on display in US President Donald Trump's tweets and speeches.

Canada, Scotland and Turkey were among the countries whose leaders made open offers to immigrants after Trump's ban.

Trump issued an executive order Friday that bans entry into the citizens and dual-citizens from the Muslim-majourity countries of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for the next 90 days.

"U.S. CBP has confirmed it is the citizenship document they present to enter the country, not the country of where they were born", Stewart wrote in an email.

"The Liberal government has taken a piecemeal approach and has therefore been unable to adequately respond to the needs of global refugee flows", Hussan told The Star.

A spokeswoman for Trudeau said Trudeau has a message for Trump.

He also suspended the admission of new refugees for four months and banned Syrian refugees indefinitely, pending a policy review.

Ahmed Hussen, Canada's Immigration Minister to Trudeau, is a dual national.

On Saturday, Canadian airlines Air Canada and WestJet said passengers bearing passports issued from the seven countries would not be allowed to board their flights to the United States. Trudeau has not directly criticised Trump though. The order went into effect immediately and even applied to those who had proper visas and were aboard USA bound aircraft when the order was signed.

Toronto Mayor John Tory also weighed in, noting that the city is the most diverse in the world.

"We understand that as Canadians we are nearly all immigrants, and that no one should be excluded on the basis of their ethnicity or nationality".

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