$100000 found inside old television

$100000 found inside old television

$100000 found inside old television

This Canadian TV show had a rich and happy ending.

Then just last month, an employee at GEEP was dismantling the TV when they discovered a cash box and banking documents dating back to 1985, according to a GEEP press release.

An employee at a recycling center in Canada was taking apart an old TV set when he found $100,000.

He subsequently gave the television to a family friend, who had no inkling of the treasure behind the screen, and eventually brought it in to be recycled.

Upon conducting interviews and reviewing banking records it was determined that the over $100,000 recovered belonged to the 68-year-old male named on the found paperwork.

Unaware of the precious cargo, the pal dropped the TV off at GEEP one year ago.

They said in the press release they believe the money was an inheritance from his parents to "put away for a rainy day".

While praising his staff for its honesty, Rick Deschamps, general manager of the plant, told CTV that "there was like, four stacks of $50 bills, and I knew it was a large amount of money".

The items were ultimately handed over to police.

'It's commendable what the employee and the company did, ' Const. Nicole Rodgers of Barrie police told The Globe and Mail.

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