Anaheim crowd clogs streets, surrounds cars in police protest

Chief Quezada addresses the media

EXPAND Chief Quezada addresses the media

An off-duty Los Angeles police officer annoyed by teens traipsing on his lawn pulled out his gun and fired a shot during a sidewalk scuffle with several minors, authorities said.

The officer was seen holding the boy around the neck and shoulders in what appeared to be an attempt to restrain him.

In the wake of the encounter, the officer has been placed on administrative leave, which is standard procedure for an officer who discharges his weapon, according to the LAPD.

Because of the firing of the gun, homicide detectives were summoned to conduct an investigation, he said.

Several minutes later, uniformed police officers arrived and handcuffed one of the juveniles, while the officer held his hands in the air. Though there were no serious injuries in the confrontation, the video quickly went viral, as outrage grew over the officer's treatment of the youth. "Let me go, for the last time!" An unidentified elderly man with a white, cottony beard called police, saying the gunfire was accidental, drawing jeers from the kids.

An off-duty California officer fired his weapon in a confrontation with a group of teens Tuesday afternoon in an incident that was captured on video.

"The confrontation began over ongoing issues with juveniles walking across the officer's property", Anaheim Police said in a statement Wednesday.

The case will be presented to the Orange County District Attorney's Office when it is completed, cops said. Neiman said the man involved in Tuesday's incident would remain out of the field for 72 hours while LAPD conducts its investigation.

'All I said was, "Respect the girl", because you said, "Get out of my property"'. "You're hurting me. I'm going to sue you, '" his mother - whose name has been withheld by United States media - said.

The cop then is heard claiming the boy said he was going to shoot him, however the teen quickly responds: 'I didn't say that.

"In reality he was saying, 'I'm going to sue you".

Another teenager yells at the police officer, but it is inaudible on the recording.

About five minutes into the video, a police patrol vehicle pulls up and the off-duty officer can be heard yelling to the arriving Anaheim officers.

Anaheim Police released a statement about the incident on Tuesday.

"We have received reports of planned protests", Anaheim police wrote.

Instead, the 13-year-old who was violently grabbed by the cop and another 15-year-old boy, who came to the first child's defense, were arrested and charged: one for making criminal threats and battery and the other for assault and battery. "However, they do appear to depict portions of the incident in question".

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