Barnaby Joyce isn't happy about One Nation election deal

On the weekend it was announced the WA Liberal party would preference One Nation ahead of the Nationals in the Upper House.

Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce has warned the WA Liberals preference deal with One Nation is likely to drive the government into opposition.

But party leader Hanson had her own hammer to drop on Monday, claiming in the Senate that the QLD ALP approached her with a deal to "run dead" in certain seats.

"Evan Moorhead, the Queensland state secretary, he called my staff on January 25th of this year and wanted to do a grubby deal with us".

"I'd certainly be putting One Nation ahead of Labor and I'd be putting the National Party ahead of everyone", he told 2GB radio.

"Pauline Hanson is a different and, I would say, better person today than she was 20 years ago".

She had long campaigned for the law change, and said she was backing the Labor pledge because she felt the Liberal Government treated victims of crime as "second-class citizens".

A Liberal source told the newspaper their party had learnt a lesson in the 2001 WA election when it lost government after putting One Nation last on its ballot papers.

But Ms Dodd, who is contesting the Liberal-held seat of Scarborough for One Nation and is the mother of murdered teenager Hayley Dodd, today condemned the decision.

But Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had a different view, saying it was up to the WA Liberals who they preferenced. They have got to make their judgement based on their assessment of their electoral priorities.

"It is a substantial cross bench party in the Senate and it is taking a policy position on a wide range of issues".

"I think what's turning people off the mainstream parties is when people of Australia think Turnbull or I are just interested in ripping each other down and not focusing on them", Mr Shorten said.

"It is not a single issue party or a single personality party. We deal with it constructively and respectfully because we respect the fact that each of those One Nation senators has been democratically elected".

"Can I be crystal clear to all of our opponents - we take on board everything that is said, everything that's done, we get on with the job of winning an election, see what happens after that".

"What we've got to do is make decisions that put us in the best possible position to govern", he told ABC radio of the motivations of his own branch in Queensland. There's a certain amount of economic rationalism, a certain amount of approach that's reflective of what it is we are trying to do to govern Australia in a fiscally responsible way.

'They are a lot more sophisticated, they have clearly resonated with a lot of people'.

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