BlackBerry's share in global smartphone market is virtually zero

BlackBerry's share in global smartphone market is virtually zero

BlackBerry's share in global smartphone market is virtually zero

Out of these, the highest market share was held by Android as usual while BlackBerry left everyone shell-shocked with its performance.

The action at the top of the sales table, between Apple and Samsung, was a little more exciting. The firm's 2016 retrospective and fourth quarter data dump reveals that, for the first time, BlackBerry holds a 0.0% share of the smartphone market.

"Google's Android extended its lead by capturing 82 percent of the total market in the fourth quarter of 2016", a new Gartner report on smartphone market share notes. When you break down smartphone sales by individual manufacturer in Q4, they're number one, narrowly overtaking nearest rivals Samsung, whom Gartner speculate were hurt by the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and pressures from the cheaper Chinese handsets that make up the rest of the table.

Having struggled in the business of building their own devices, BlackBerry is counting on services developed by its Mobility Solutions Group to find a way into the Android devices people are already using. Apple, on the other hand, keeps its iOS in-house and its prices high limiting its reach but maximizing its profits. Extreme Tech noted that in Q1 of 2015, BlackBerry had $269 million worth of revenue.

Once the most iconic smartphone brands, Blackberry is nearly officially a non-player in the consumer products game.

Apple's iOS came in second, with about 77 million phone sales representing 17.9 per cent of the total, while Windows was the operating system on almost 1.1 million phones, or 0.3 per cent of the total. Of those 432 million, only 207,900 phones were Blackberry devices running the Blackberry OS, totaling 0.048% of the market share.

In a bid to provide acceleration to BlackBerry's transition into a security software and services company, BlackBerry and TCL Communication Technology Holdings entered into a long-term licensing agreement recently. Looking towards the future, Blackberry will release a new flagship mobile phone on February 25, only known so far as "Blackberry Mercury" - the phone will, however, be running the Android operating system.

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