Dead Bodies Identified as 2 Missing Indiana Teenage Girls

Police confirmed the horror and fear that hung in the air around Delphi since Tuesday afternoon - the two bodies found were 14-year-old Liberty German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams.

The bodies of the two teens from Delphi were found Tuesday, in a wooded area east of the city in Carroll County.

The two 13-year-old girls had been dropped off to go hiking in IN at about 1 pm on Monday, but the alarm was raised when they went off the grid.

Riley said police are taking tips and information related to the double-homicide case, and this investigation is related to leads they received through that case.

Authorities discovered two bodies in the search for two missing in teenagers who left behind an eerie Snapchat post before disappearing. He is not commenting on any injuries to the bodies or ages.

"We talked all the time [about safety], it was something that I stressed, but I guess not enough", Patty says.

"They went back there fishing and playing in the creek".

The girls, both eighth-graders at Delphi Community Middle School, were reportedly longtime friends and classmates.

Authorities did not send out an Amber Alert for the girls when they were reported missing.

Their bodies were found at 12:15pm on Tuesday about three-quarters of a mile upstream from the abandoned railroad bridge, police said.

During the walk, Liberty posted an image of Abigail walking on the bridge to Snapchat.

"I can't sleep just knowing that there is someone walking the streets, knowing what they did and it's not even bothering them and it destroyed someone's whole world", Jacobs said.

"There is somebody out there who did this crime, and we're going to find them", Riley said.

When asked whether that person was being considered a suspect, Sgt Riley said: 'Right now, everybody is being considered.

Authorities in northern in want to speak to him about the deaths of 13-year-old Abigail Jay Williams and 14-year-old Liberty Rose Lynn German.

"It's been a long several hours", Leazenby said.

They never showed up.

Abigail Williams fishes in a photo on Facebook.

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