Following Flynn's Resignation, Breitbart Suggested Reince Priebus Could Be Next to Go

Following Flynn's Resignation, Breitbart Suggested Reince Priebus Could Be Next to Go

Following Flynn's Resignation, Breitbart Suggested Reince Priebus Could Be Next to Go

For this, other media reports and commentators have generally blamed Bannon and Miller, who are said to have crafted the order without adequate input from other agencies and initially demanded it apply even to green card holders. "The Vice President holds Reince Priebus in the absolute highest regard both professionally and personally", said Pence's Chief of Staff Josh Pitcock.

President Donald Trump prefers to set up decentralized leadership structures where authority is divided up among aides with sometimes contrasting views, which has left Priebus jockeying for position with chief strategist Stephen Bannon, senior adviser Jared Kushner and counselor Kellyanne Conway, reported Politico. "Vice President Pence thinks Reince is doing an exemplary job and is honored to be part of the team". The report also suggests that Trump brought Priebus into his inner circle because of his connections throughout Washington D.C., yet Trump is disappointed that Preibus couldn't get his cabinet appointees confirmed faster. "We've been working together since August "16", Bannon said of the day he joined the Trump campaign, adding he knew nearly immediately he needed Priebus to help Trump win the election and to form a government. A great job", Trump told reporters. "This guy is doing an fantastic job", Bannon told TIME about Priebus.

Breitbart claimed in a story on Tuesday that "multiple sources" within the White House are calling for Priebus to get the boot after the chaotic rollout of Trump's executive order on travel and immigration, which federal courts have now suspended.

One of President Donald Trump's friend said White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is unable to handle the job, but Governor Scott Walker came to his friend's defense on Wednesday, February 15th. A White House spokesperson echoed those sentiments. "There will be more revelations about things he's done in this job that don't serve the president well".

Bannon and Priebus have reportedly been at loggerheads as they compete for control over the West Wing, although the two have denied any friction.

While Bannon is publicly attacking the anti-Priebus story, a source with extensive knowledge of Breitbart told The Daily Caller Wednesday that Bannon and Boyle are in constant contact and that there is no way that story would be published without Bannon giving the okay.

Ruddy's remarks and Breitbart's story aren't the only signs that some aligned with Trump want Priebus out. Trump acknowledged, however, that "half" of Priebus's time was fighting the "lies" in the press.

"I think this is Pearl Harbor for the true Trump supporters, the Trump loyalists", Roger Stone, longtime Trump loyalist and former Trump campaign adviser, told Gray.

Trump went out of his way this week to gave Priebus a public vote of confidence after one of his friends, Newsmax founder Chris Ruddy, said Priebus looked like he is in over his head. Yet he often feels a need to be at Trump's side throughout the day to make sure the easy-to-distract president stays on track.

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