Hillary Clinton takes jab at Michael Flynn after he resigns

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Hillary Clinton takes jab at Michael Flynn after he resigns

One of her confidantes last night, Phillippe Reines, gleefully tweeted in the aftermath, pointing Flynn and his son to job openings at Domino's pizza.

Flynn's son, Michael Flynn Jr., spread the Comet Ping Pong conspiracy on social media and was sacked from Trump's team. "And given your pizza obsession.", with a link to the Dominos Pizza career page.

While Clinton indicated she wouldn't have necessarily said it that way, she claimed his suggestion had a point about the "real consequences of fake news".

Michael Flynn quit following reports that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about his contacts with Russia, Fox News reported on Tuesday. Flynn Jr. then created trouble for Mike Pence, who was grilled by CNN's Jake Tapper eight times in a stirring interview to confirm whether or not Flynn Jr. had security clearance and a transition team email address while serving as an aide to his father.

In a statement on his resignation, Flynn said the "fast pace of events" caused him to provide "incomplete information" to Vice President Pence and other senior officials about his communication with Russian Federation.

Conway said during a 4pm interview yesterday that Gen. Flynn was safe but an hour later White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Mr Trump was "evaluating" the situation. "The president is loyal".

On Monday night, Flynn learned that Clinton doesn't forget. "He knew he had become a lightning rod and he made that decision".

The social media posts came after Flynn stepped down from his position as National Security Adviser in the Trump administration just 24 days after the new President's inauguration.

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