Matt Damon Opened Up On George Clooney Having Kids

"It's really amusing. He's got this group of really wonderful friends". "And all of those guys, their kids are either in college or on their way, and now George is just getting started". Those sleepless nights. and there's two of them? So it's good, it's pretty amusing. "We'll see what happens to him".

While it's rumoured that they are having "one of each", details of the babies' sex has not been revealed. I was so happy for him. "But once he met Amal everything changed. That's what I've been told".

When speaking with etonline she said: 'They've (children have) got enough of being self-absorbed with selfies, I mean, it's enough already.

Just hours later, at the premiere of his new film The Great Wall, Matt told E! that he never thought George would become a dad until Amal came along.

Like any couple in the spotlight, many people have piped up regarding the pregnancy, the latest being -year-old actress Brooke Shields, who hopes they keep their children away from fame.

"Once he met her, I had a feeling that was in the cards", he added. Psychic, you are, Matt.

"It will be one of each!" That's what I've been told. "How marvelous! My husband and I are extremely excited". Amal, who is of course a prominent worldwide human rights lawyer, is apparently due in June.

The Clooneys' big baby news was first reported last Thursday by CBS personality Julie Chen, who made the reveal on her daytime chat-fest "The Talk".

Catch up on Ellen on 9Now. So, Damon wasn't too surprised when when Clooney told him that they were expecting twins.

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