Nintendo's Fire Emblem: Heroes makes nearly $3 million on release day

The game also saw more than two million downloads, indicating that Nintendo raked in more than a dollar per download on Heroes' first day.

That's still some way behind Nintendo's first app, Super Mario Run, which Sensor Tower estimates grossed $8.4m in revenue on its first day, but it's more than double what Supercell's Clash Royale grossed during its first 24 hours, which Sensor Tower pegs at $1.4m. This system is responsible for the long-term success of most major smartphone games especially in Japan, where Fire Emblem Heroes is off to a roaring start. The top game by far remains Pokémon GO. In just a few short months Nintendo learned from its mistakes with Super Mario Run and pulled a complete 180 reversal to enable a more traditional free-to-play microtransaction-laden "freemium" type of focus, and it's paid off in dividends.

While Fire Emblem Heroes players are still learning the ins and outs of the recently-released mobile game, Nintendo is already planning a slew of post-launch updates for the title.

In terms of actual downloads, Fire Emblem Heroes and Clash Royale matched at 2 million downloads. The launch of Super Mario Run has been successful, with over 78 million downloads.

Have you downloaded Fire Emblem Heroes yet?

Fire Emblem Heroes features a story mode and a multiplayer mode, allowing players to go to war with their friends for the honor of the Kingdom of Askran.

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