Penne's dropped! Restaurateur cuts the price of Italian dishes for well-behaved families

A receipt shows the discount given to a well-behaved family

Antonio Ferrari Facebook A receipt shows the discount given to a well-behaved family. SOURCE Antonio Ferrari Facebook

An Italian restaurateur has been offering discounts to families whose children display extraordinary etiquette as they partake of their meals while staying quiet and not ruining other customers' dining experience.

Ferrari, who owns a wine bar in the northern city of Padua, will now offer a discount for families with "well-behaved children".

"When you get parents who are rude, the kids think they can doanything".

Mr Ferrari does not have children and was keen to stress he did not envy parents. "I acted instinctively, it was fantastic to see how they interacted with each other in that table, with such composure". Sunday is when the wine bar gets family visits, unlike the weekdays where the wine-themed establishment caters for adults only.

"I have seen five-year-olds put their feet on the table and four-year-olds jumping from chair to chair, while parents do nothing", he said. When the meal was done, Ferrari offered a five percent discount, resulting in 13 euros being knocked off the bill.

Ferrari's picture of the discounted receipt received mostly words of praise and congratulations on social media - but some parents were ruffled.

He thought up the idea when five children behaved impeccably around the table in a party of 11.

Estimating that 30 percent of parents had children running amok, bothering customers and hindering staff members, the boon for well-behaved parties even earned his staff a hefty tip from a happy family.

"I imagine how hard parenting is today", he told Corriere della Sera. The owner actually admitted to Corriere Della Sera that his inspiration came from a bar he had recently visited in Miami.

"If people create the same conditions, I will make [the discount] again with pleasure".

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