Protests call for United States immigrants to stay home from work, school

Andy Shallal

Andy Shallal

"We're a small mom and pop restaurant as well, and so closing down for a single day does have a financial bearing", he said. GAHCC President Mark Madrid said the supports all of the businesses that work with the Chamber and respects their right to protest. Andrés is now in a legal battle with President Trump after pulling out of a deal in 2015 to open a restaurant in the Trump International Tower in Washington, a move made after Trump's disparaging remarks on Mexican immigrants at the start of his campaign. Spain-born celebrity Chef José Andrés and Busboys and Poets founder Andy Shallal, who is from Iraq, were among them.

Many US businesses have closed across the country as thousands of protestors have taken to the streets to rally against President Donald Trump's immigration policies. "Furthermore, we call on all Americans to recognize the influence and importance of immigrants in our communities, economy and daily lives".

Undocumented immigrants make up about nine percent of employees in the hotel and restaurant industry in 2014, according to the Pew Research Center.

"We are here and we play a vital part to this community's survival and the country's survival", Christina Castillo of Oakland said.

In Massachusetts, the Davis Museum at Wellesley College plans to cover or remove all artworks made or donated to the museum by immigrants. In Los Angeles, officials with the nation's second-largest school district urged students not to join in any walkouts or demonstrations on Thursday.

Meanwhile area school districts reported less attendance at public schools today thought it's not confirmed to be associated with the national day of protest. If students do not come to school, their absence will be unexcused unless a parent calls in to excuse them.

Restaurants in the USA are all set for "A Day Without Immigrants" on February 16. All of them asked if they could participate in the strike. 'What would happen if massive raids did happen? What would the city look like?'

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is among leaders in several cities nationwide who have vowed to maintain their "sanctuary city" status and decline to help federal law enforcement with deportation efforts. More than 250 businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina, will close too, the Spanish-language newspapers Que Pasa Mi Gente and Hola Noticias reported.

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