Susan Sarandon reveals her sexuality is 'open' and 'up for grabs'

Thelma & Louise star Susan Sarandon said she would have relationships with people of any gender

Thelma & Louise star Susan Sarandon said she would have relationships with people of any gender

"Yeah, I spend 15 hours a day covering what's going on", Hayes responded after Sarandon questioned his news judgement and why he hasn't spent more time covering the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Susan has been single since 2015, after ending her five-year relationship with her business partner Jonathan Bricklin - who was 31 years her junior.

And after being in relationships with men all her life, she's never got the chance to try being with a woman but she's "open" to it. "I married Chris Sarandon when I was 20, and that went on for quite a while - each of my relationships have", she told PrideSource.

On Wednesday, the actress appeared on MSNBC's "All in with Chris Hayes", the same program where she once suggested that a Trump presidency would be a good thing for liberals because it would "bring the revolution immediately". So All In host Hayes was, naturally, interested in hearing how much her thinking has changed now that President Trump is busy throwing America into non-stop chaos.

But between all of those relationships, Sarandon said she's barely had time to explore her sexuality. "We're not an ordinary couple", she began. But before that, Hayes jabbed at Sarandon's past non-support of his failed champion, Hillary Clinton.

"You consider yourself a journalist, right?". Hayes pointed out that as bad as the status quo was a year ago, there were ways it could get worse, like, say, the head of Exxon becoming the Secretary of State. So I've been saying that when I no longer want to act, I want to do that'.

Sarandon shot back, "What is the point of even saying that?". Just thought you should know. "What we need from you is to allow people to understand what's happening".

"Can you look me in the eyes and tell me you weren't doing your job to cover these issues?" "Oh, I was sweating", Hayes admitted.

SARANDON: The good thing about this disgusting thing of having Trump is that people are awake and they're participating and they're having town meetings and they're having - going to people's doorsteps and saying "What have you done?"

Sarandon said President Trump has been a catalyst for waking people (both liberals and conservatives) out of hibernation.

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