The Raid remake coming from Joe Carnahan & Frank Grillo

The Raid remake coming from Joe Carnahan & Frank Grillo

The Raid remake coming from Joe Carnahan & Frank Grillo

Its not known who will be writing the script yet or how this will affect Carnahan's Bad Boys for Life.

Few action movies have had the explosive impact of The Raid, Gareth Huw Evans' non-stop slugfest about a SWAT team trapped in an apartment building full of killers.

It seems the 2011 Indonesian film The Raid, or as it is known in the United States market The Raid: Redemption, will be getting a Western remake starring Frank Grillo and directed by Joe Carnahan.

In Carnahan's video, the director name drops "Caracas, Venezuela" as a location, as he and Grillo tease action that "no one's ever seen". The Raid is essentially a ideal pure action film, with damn near every minute filled by stunning fight choreography the likes of which we had rarely ever seen here in the United States.

Carnahan then confirmed the news on Twitter, stating that original Raid director Gareth Evans has given the project his blessing and will serve as a producer. But as with a lot of quality foreign films, The Raid caught the attention of Hollywood and an American remake was put into development.

Carnahan, who is directing and producing the project, said his plan is for more of a reimagining than a remake, noting that his film "will hew closer in tone [and] feel to The Grey and Narc". He also emphasized that it's a "reimagining of the same scenario", not a remake. It's a fantastic film. According to reports, Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3) was once attached to direct, with rumblings of Taylor Kitsch taking the lead role.

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