Three Candidates Emerge to Replace Flynn as National Security Adviser

Petraeus Kellogg Harward Meet potential Flynn replacements

Drew Angerer Getty Images

Trump named Gen. Kellogg to the position after the resignation Monday night of Michael Flynn, following reports that Flynn had misled Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about his contacts with Russian Federation.

Three former military officers are on the shortlist to replace former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn after his resignation, according to news reports.

Harward served under Mattis while he was at U.S. Central Command and remains an ally and friend of the defense secretary.

At the advent of the Trump administration, Kellogg was appointed as Chief of Staff of the National Security Council. He was also a former commander of the 82nd Airborne Division and chief operating officer of the Western coalition in Baghdad after the US -led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Kellogg comes with a top-notch resume: He's an Army veteran who did two tours in Vietnam and earned numerous commendations, including the Bronze Star.

Former CIA director David Petraeus speaks to the media after a meeting with Donald Trump at Trump Tower on November 28, 2016. Petraeus later plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge for the offense. Petraeus had to step down as Central Intelligence Agency director after it became known in 2012 that he shared classified information with a biographer who was also his mistress. Perhaps partially due to this ability to keep a low profile, the Lieutenant General is reportedly also being considered for for the permanent national security adviser role in addition to being selected to serve as the interim adviser. The Coalition Provisional Authority was responsible for the purging of Baath party members from the government, which many blame for the rise of insurgents who would eventually join al-Qaida in Iraq, which would metastasize into the so-called Islamic State. Starting in 2014, Harward began working as chief executive for Lockheed Martin United Arab Emirates, according to Bloomberg.

Another name floated as a possible replacement for Flynn is retired Gen. David Petraeus.

Hadley was not among the Republican national security experts who voiced support for Hillary Clinton over Trump during the presidential campaign.

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