Touch Bar support is now live for Office for Mac

As our Brad Stephenson reported, the Touch Bar support was first announced by Apple back at an event in October.

One of the most interesting features of the new update is "Word Focus Mode" which is only found in Microsoft Word.

To receive these features you can, check for updates in your Office for Mac subscription by going to Help Check for Updates in any of your Office for Mac apps. In this mode, the document you're working on takes up the entire display, sans distractions like screen ribbons, commands and additional windows. The Touch Bar puts "the most relevant Word features" at a user's fingertips, allowing for quick style changes.

If you or someone you know happens to be a heavy Office user on the latest MacBook pro, these are sure to be some exciting new features to check out. A Reorder Objects button creates a graphical map of all the layers, so users can quickly find an object and move its position. And by sliding your finger across the Touch Bar you can easily rotate an object to get just the right angle. In addition, Microsoft confirmed that Touch Bar support for Outlook and Skype would be coming soon. Ditto for PowerPoint, which uses the Touch Bar for rotation and previewing thumbnails. For example, with a tap (for the formula) and another tap (for a named range) in the Touch Bar, you can quickly sum a range in your spreadsheet. It also houses various formatting options like cell color and borders.

Outlook on the Touch Bar can tack on attachments to emails with a single press of the touch-sensitive screen, as well as look up calendar appointments and even join in on meetings via Skype.

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