Trump Says Russia Took Crimea

Ernst was referring to several actions taken by Russian Federation in recent weeks and years, including its incursions into Ukraine, its apparent meddling in the 2016 USA election and more recent news that it has deployed a spy ship near the US coast and activated missiles in violation of a weapons treaty. I have no loans in Russian Federation. Don't speak to people from Russian Federation.

Singling out CNN the president said "I mean, I watch CNN". Trump and Putin had discussed the possibility of such a collaboration in a phone call after Trump took office. I call on our Congressional delegation, Sens. I told you this. "The fate of Russia-American relations is much less predictable than it was just a few weeks ago".

Trump has the authority to reverse sanctions because the Obama administration used executive orders to mandate them. "He said no. Now, he was replaced long before the election".

The shift comes after Michael Flynn resigned Monday as Trump's national security advisor, following revelations that he'd discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador to the United States back in December and then lied about it. Why are we not seeing more partnerships between the two countries?

US President Donald Trump shakes hands with Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, during a news conference at the White House in Washington on Wednesday.

Clinton was the nation's top diplomat when the sales took place, and the Obama administration was still trying to reset relations with Moscow at the time, PolitiFact noted.

Media reports in recent weeks say USA intelligence officials have confirmed parts though not all of the dossier, including possibly communications between Trump allies and Russian officials.

Did the discussions involve the lifting of sanctions by the Trump administration? He was calling countries and his counterparts. "It would be the electric chair", Trump said. Capitol Hill Democrats argue that the secrecy of the intelligence committees does not allow the public a full understanding of what happened. "No, I don't think so", he replied. "He was just doing his job".

Donald Trump has been briefed that a nuclear war would be a "bad thing", which he said "would be like no other".

Trump also downplayed his financial ties to Russian Federation.

"I open the paper and I see stories of chaos, chaos". It's all fake news. The ex-National Security Adviser's departure under a cloud appears to have driven the White House into a situation where it feels the need to stress how tough it will be with the Kremlin-a point White House spokesman Sean Spicer spelled out in his daily briefing yesterday.

"They all tried. But I'm different than those people", Trump said. "I've done nothing for Russia", Trump added.

Moscow is instructing Russian state media to reduce their favorable coverage of President Trump, Bloomberg reported on Thursday.

On a conference call with Iowa reporters, Ernst expressed alarm at what she called the aggressiveness of Putin and the Russians, including new reports that a Russian spy ship was sitting 30 miles off the coast of CT.

"I don't know that we're going to make a deal", the president said.

"They will be concentrating hard to make the most of the opportunity. I don't know anything".

"The greatest thing I could do is shoot that ship that's 30 miles off shore right out of the water".

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