Aaron Hernandez Might Actually beat His Double Murder Charge After All

The brother of former NFL-star-turned convicted murder Aaron Hernandez is set to testify at his second murder trial, now underway at the Suffolk County District Court in Boston.

"We came in together so our whole class is pretty tight". "Those days kind of stack up".

Thompson and Hernandez later hit Tootsie's strip club in Miami to celebrate Thompson's birthday, but Thompson split before Hernandez allegedly shot Alexander Bradley in the face on February 13, 2013. Also included are Patriots coach Bill Belichick, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and former Florida teammates Mike and Maurkice Pouncey.

Club promoter Jeff London, who was working at Cure nightclub on the night of the shooting at the heart of the case, was on the stand to discuss Hernandez's behavior in clubs and his memory of the night.

Testimony resumed Monday after a long weekend for the jury.

According to London's testimony, he and Hernandez stopped interacting in June of 2013, when Hernandez accused London of being a "fed" and of "snitching" on Hernandez to the tabloids, such as TMZ.

Defense Attorney Robert Sullivan and Judge Jeffrey Locke argue in court during the Aaron Hernandez double murder trial.

The former New England Patriots tight end played football with Thompson at the University of Florida. Prosecutors say Hernandez shot his friend because, as a witness to the 2012 shooting, he knew too much. They were given Friday off because of a sickness going around the courtroom.

Although he was expected to take the stand Monday, Judge Locke announced at the beginning of court that Hernandez's older brother, Jonathan "DJ" Hernandez, will testify Tuesday as a witness for the prosecution.

Hernandez is already serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd.

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