Amazon adds Alexa to its iOS shopping app

AMAZON- IROBOTAmazon Echo Alexa is about to get a major upgrade

AMAZON- IROBOTAmazon Echo Alexa is about to get a major upgrade

Inside the Amazon app, you'll find a microphone icon at the top of the screen and you can use that to access Alexa. Simply press it to activate Alexa.

This brings natural-language voice commands to the Amazon app, supporting a variety of purchase actions including "search for.", "reorder." and " my cart". That all changes today, as Amazon is putting Alexa on iOS.

Also, Alexa of capable of entertaining you with Kindle books or your Amazon Music for a little mood melodies while you shop. Just say "Search for paper towels" or "Reorder batteries" or "Add shampoo to my cart". Apart from this, Alexa can also play music, control your home appliances (IoT devices), etc.

Participants also got the opportunity to tour Amazon's drone development lab in Cambridge that is developing Prime Air - a delivery system created to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using drones.

They do all tell some pretty lousy jokes, though, if you're in the market for that sort of thing. But these Alexa-powered apps had some limitations, and they didn't fully turn an iPhone into an Echo.

Alexa's presence on iOS could make people more comfortable using it altogether. Moreover, the assistant can answer a lot of questions on varied topics, for example you can ask about the weather or do some simple math.

Under the programme, any Amazon Alexa developers can apply to receive their AWS promotional credit at the company's developer site. This will not include the Door Lock API, which includes locking and unlocking smart locks. So, it looks like those who want a standalone Alexa experience will still have to shell out for an Echo device. It can't be used as a replacement for Siri, since Apple's assistant is built into the operating system. The companies "flash briefing" can read the news, and Alexa can keep an eye on climate and other localized events to keep the users abreast of the happenings. However the list doesn't end there and you can pretty much use Alexa for anything and use over 10,000 skills that are available.

When will Alexa arrive for iOS devices?

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