Chattanooga could be heavily impacted by new Republican health care plan

The study shows the average tax subsidy under Obamacare right now is more than $8,000.

The proposed Republican Obamacare replacement plan would hurt the wallets of Syracusans more than residents of nearly every other USA city, according to a study.

Of the 457 cities it analyzed, WalletHub identified 100 that would see the average subsidy drop. The study shows they will have a subsidy difference of -$7,815.

The study also found that Elgin residents would lose an average of $376 in subsidies, while Peoria residents would lose $208.

Chattanooga comes in as the fifth-most affected city overall, with the average subsidy for local residents being almost $6,000 less under the new Republican plan.

Under Trumpcare, tax credits are based on age only. President Trump has promised cheaper prices for a proposed free market health care system.

"To gauge the impact of the Republican-proposed health plan on people who buy their own insurance, WalletHub's analysts compared 457 US cities based on the differences in premium subsidies that the average household would receive under Obamacare and Trumpcare".

In order to measure impact, WalletHub first determined the subsidies that a two-person, joint-filing household would receive under each health-care law.

Both the most and least affected cities are in Arizona, with Yuma being the most impacted and Scottsdale the least.

Obamacare provides tax credits to help people buy coverage based on income, local cost of insurance and age. Six of the 10 least affected cities are in Southern California, while none of the most affected cities are in the Golden State. Under Obamacare, premiums would decrease by 10 percent by 2026.

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