Congressman Under Fire For Comment About Kellyanne Conway Sitting On Couch

Chelsea Clinton Conway deserves apology for Dem lawmaker's 'despicable' couch joke

Congressman Under Fire For Comment About Kellyanne Conway Sitting On Couch

Conway on Friday thanked Chelsea Clinton for defending her, noting that their daughters share a name.

Conway had previously expressed her disappointment of the lack of support from the "sisterhood".

During the Washington Press Club Foundation's annual awards dinner on Wednesday night, Rep. Tim Scott of Louisiana quipped that "a whole lot worse" had happened on that Oval Office furniture in the 1990s, The Washington Post reported.

Richmond was referring to a photo of Conway on her knees on a couch in the Oval Office as she snapped a picture of President Donald Trump and and the president's of historically black colleges. "Come on, people. You remember the '90s".

'And you can just explain to me that, that circumstance because she really looked kind of familiar in that position there but - don't answer.

Richmond was responding to a similar joke from Sen.

Asked over text if she thought there would be more media outrage about the comment if she were a liberal woman, Conway told The Daily Caller, "Yes".

'So called sisterhood alarmingly silent.

As the saga carries into its third day, The New York Times, ABC News and NBC News have yet to even acknowledge Richmond's sexist attack on Conway in any of their online coverage.

But the sisterhood seemed alive and well. Last night was a night of levity.

But if Richmond was merely saying Conway looked too comfortable, it's hard to see why the statement would qualify as a "joke" at all.

His attempt fueled even more outcry.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said Richmond's remark was "disgusting and offensive". "Everybody thinks it's just so amusing that the wrong - the wrong movie was, you know, heralded as the victor of the Oscars".

"I notice he did not apologize, he tried to clarify", Conway noted. She also mentioned that women have a "problem with women in power", which could be interpreted as giving a reason for why women shouldn't run for office.

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